I used to teach middle school. By far, they are my favorite age group in the classroom. I also ran the Community Service/Service Learning program at the school, and so we talked a lot about service. What kind of service do you like doing? Is service just volunteering? Does everyone appreciate the service you provide? What does it mean to be in service to others?

When you serve, you participate in the act of giving. Sharing is part of that transaction, too. When we look inward and think about the kind of person we share with others, that is a meaningful way to be in the world. How do you show up for others?

When we deal with a difficult person, do we launch back at them, or do we take a breath to consider what a hard day that person might be having? I focus a lot on being the calm, centered mama for my toddler and my pre-toddler. They need to know they are loved through all their feelings – the good, the bad, and the really ugly.

Everyone, not just the toddler, deserves care, empathy, and attention. It is this perspective I try to bring to others, and, ultimately, it informs the work I do. Providing insurance is the job; providing care, empathy, and attention is giving an elevated level of yourself. It’s one thing to come to work; it’s entirely another to do your job in service to others, no matter what the industry.

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